New Album coming out this November !!!
"U-PHORIA"-Verena McBee sings the music of Cecil McBee!"    

 “Verena McBee made a strong impression with her debut recording, “Can’t Help It”.

As worthy as her debut was, "U-PHORIA" is an important step forward.

   The release of  ‘U-Phoria’ is a superior showcase for Verena McBee’s musical talents.

It is recommended to listeners who enjoy hearing adventurous jazz singers.

   (Scott Yanow, Jazz Journalist, Historian, Author)



          Jazz Vocalist & Composer

        "Verena McBee is a powerful and very  
    expressive singer with a wide range."

    Scott Yanow, Jazz Journalist / Historian / Author
            ( 'The Jazz Singers', 'The Great Guitarists', 'Jazz on Film and Jazz on Record 1917-76' )


Verena McBee Band , Album: "Can't Help it !"

Billy Test – Piano
Brian Woodruff – Drums
Zwelakhe-Duma F. Bell Le Pere – Double Bass